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Friday April 18, 2008

I often like to reflect back on the beginning of my relationship with John. I read my old journal entries and either laugh at how silly my writing is or fight back tears. This is one of the first things I wrote about him... I was wasting time playing cat and mouse with another man at the time- and then there he was {I willed him too me :)}. It's funny how your gut knows when someone is right and someone is wrong.

Friday- April 18, 2008

The drunk dialing conversations are always revealing. He told me that I was beautiful, however he also pointed out my flaws. Read; insecure. He told me that if I was at his house right then and there that he would be "all over me". He told me a bunch of other stuff, too. He becomes quite talkative when under the influence. He ended it by saying that his phone was about to die and that if I didn't mind, he wanted to drive over so we could "talk" some more. I told him no. The last thing he needs is a DUI. The part that gets me is I was supposed to be on a date last night with a new guy.... A new guy, that so far, I find quite appealing. Steve knew this yet he called me twice. Once at 7pm and again at 10. I waited until close to 11 to return the call. Maybe he honestly did not realize that Saturday night was -the night-. I'm thinking passively territorial. Getting attention from the surfer is not always an easy thing, yet this week he called me three times total... Maybe I'm over analyzing.

Then there is John. He is very sweet. And funny. Laughter is natural and abundant when we talk. Plus he has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen.


Something told me in the very beginning that he was the one.

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