Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes, I know I'm a flake... I tweak the colors and format constantly. Right now, I'm craving fall so I want a place to escape that will give me a little of that feeling. My mom always used burnt rust, dark plums and deep blues around Autumn, the color scheme kind of reminds me of her. With all of that being said, it's only a matter of time before I change it again. :) Is anyone else ready for September???

Here are some very cute and very affordable finds that are great for the upcoming season. They can be purchased at your local Target {you have to pronounce it "Tar-shay"... Not sure why... You just do. :P

So it's not Kate spade or Manolo Blahnik... And the pic of the Hobo bag does not do it justice -BUT- both of these are cute & under $20.00. {Obviously they should not be paired together, lol}. I especially love the flats. I think these would look good with jeans and a black sweater! I expect you'll see a lot of them come fall/winter.


  1. Unfortunately, I cannot pull off anything with less than a 3" heel. Teehe.

    The bag it cute!

  2. I'm not a Target shopper and it took me a year (once I heard the word) to know what Tarshay meant. I thought it was a different store.

    No, I am still comfortable with Summer. September can wait, but it won't.

  3. ummm....I think I will die if I do not get the plaid shoes.


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