Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Woman Scorned

*Repost from a few weeks back

Communication via text today:

Me: Hi

John: Hi! How is your day going??? I can't wait to come home! :)

Me: I'm considering firing you as my boyfriend.

John: Umm. Why?

Me: What crucial thing did you forget to do today?

John: Tell you how much I love you, miss you and want you? All of which are true.

Me: The first one.

Me: :(

John: :( I'm sorry, I love you so very much!

Me: Too late now besides, I had to tell you. I'm going to get super skinny (except for my boobs) and find a new boyfriend that wont forget to say I love you. I'm also giving your pot roast to Jack.

John: :(

John: I DO love you! I tell you all of the time!

Me: (This is me giving you the silent treatment)

John: Lol

John: I wish I was there with you right now.

Me: Yummy!!! (that is Jack eating your pot roast. And strudel.)

John: Oh not strudel! That's just not fair!

Me: Maybe next time you will remember to say I love you.

John: Did I mention I want to spend my life with you?

Me: Hey John?

John: Err.. I'm afraid to ask. Yes?

Me: I love you.

John: I love you, too! I wish I could hear you laughing. (I hope you are laughing.)

I was.

5 minutes later...

John: Hey Ann?

Me: Yes handsome?

John: I love you! Marry me!

Me: :) You still want to marry me even though I gave your strudel to Jack?

John: Of course I do. Besides, if you're going to get all skinny then I need to as well.

Me: Hey John?

John: Yes Ann?

Me: I love you, too and the answer is yes.

It kept going and getting mushy-er I finally ended it with a smiley face. Better check on the pot roast.;)


  1. Congratulations! You and your fiance are too funny and just so sweet. And you are in Florida? My favorite state (but don't tell that to my home state of Tennessee)! Thanks for following my blog!


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