Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love Love This Blog

Photos from "...and i love love"

John and I are planning on getting married... We would have already tied the knot but due to a bit of red tape, we've had to wait. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing because it give us {me :P} time to plan. In all honesty, John would be perfectly content going to the court house tomorrow and signing the papers. In a way, I totally agree with him... Marriage is about the bond, not the party. It's just that... Well... I've never had the party. Both of my previous marriages {omg, that sounds horrid} were done at the court house. The first time, I was 20 years old and pregnant with Syd. It was all very spur of the moment. He proposed to me on May 5th {Cinco De Mayo- what an awesome date to have a wedding!!!} and we got married the same day. He was wearing jeans and I was wearing shorts... At least they were white... :/. We went to his parents house after and they surprised us with Red Lobster take out. Not exactly how I envisioned my wedding. Not exactly how I envision any ones wedding... Unless you live in the sticks. I can laugh about it now...

My second wedding: I was 28... Again, we got married in the court house. At least this time I had a modest dress and matching heels. My father and daughter were present. His family didn't attend because they all live in Ireland {which is a perk if you don't want to deal with in laws.}. We celebrated at an upper scale restaurant noted for it's good food and pretty surroundings {very open and outdoors/ indoors}. Everything was fine until my father gagged on a combination of food and beverage and coughed so hard that said food and beverage came out his nose. We all lost our appetites after that... {I love my dad and I know that this was not done on purpose.} The kicker: I got food poisoning on our honeymoon. -And- I don't even want to say where we went on our honeymoon because it is totally tacky. For the money we spent, we could have went to a beautiful beach and enjoyed a quiet, romantic weekend... {Even if nothing had gone wrong, this was not my idea of a romantic, elegant, charming wedding... This was just another quick fix}.

Do you understand why this is so important? *she said in a desperate tone...*

John is, with out a doubt, the one. I don't need an expensive wedding but I do want it to be nice/ elegant and charming in a simple way. I'd like to have a small backyard wedding... Lots of random flowers, candles and little white lights. Lots of white for table coverings and chairs. Good food and a yummy cake.. Not one covered in fondant, I don't really care for those... Just an old fashioned, made from scratch, delicious cake.

I could keep going and going, and I will in another entry but for now I have to be responsible and get ready for work.:)

My main intent was to talk about this incredible blog : ...and i love love

Completely inspirational!

Happy Wednesday, all :)


  1. A Red Lobster take out wedding. I want a cheddar biscuit now. :0 I haven't been there in probably 10 years, but I remember the bisquits.

    I can tell he is sort of your glucagon(john).

  2. Ugh... No cheddar bisuits, LOL. Glucagon- that's deep. :D


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